Shoulder Pain

We Can Help Stop Your Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain cannot only be very irritating it can also hinder the mobility of your arm and neck. If you experience weak shoulders, deep shoulder pain or pain with certain movements of your shoulder, then there is likely some sort of shoulder dysfunction and muscular or joint imbalance

The shoulder has the greatest range of motion in the body. Because of this increased mobility it is also susceptible to the most injury and shoulder pain.
Shoulder pain can be due to tightness, weakness or shoulder instability.

At Bonnyrigg Chiropractic & Sports Injury Clinic we will assess your shoulder mobility and examine the shoulder joint in different plains to determine what are the structures that have been affected. Once we have diagnosed the problem we will educate you on what has caused your pain and how we can get you back to doing the things that you love without feeling restricted.

Common Shoulder Pain Symptoms That We Can Help With

Shoulder pain can stop you from doing many things that you love, such as sports, exercise and day-to-day activities as well as discomfort while you sleep.

 If you experience any of the following:

Shoulder pain with certain movements
Restriction in the shoulder range of motion
Deep shoulder pain
Pain stemming from the shoulder that shoots up the neck, down the back or down the arm

Then it is vital that we assess your shoulder joint to determine what imbalances you have whether they are weakness, tightness or instabilities of muscles. We will help treat your shoulder pain and educate you on rehabilitation protocols that will stop and prevent your shoulder pain from returning. If left untreated shoulder pain can become chronic and can be difficult to treat conservatively which may result to potential surgical interventions