Mid Back Pain

We Can Help Stop Your Mid Back Pain

Mid back pain can be felt between your shoulders or between your neck and lower back region. If this is brought on after sitting for extended period of time or you feel you have poor posture and you are hunched forward all the time then it is likely you have a mid back dysfunction which is causing musculoskeletal and postural imbalances.

Whether your work is predominantly sitting all day behind a desk or if it is hard physical labour then it is very likely that your mid back pain is being effected by this constant repetitive stress. Your mid back is an important structure that is part of your rib cage and your rib cage encloses very important organs such as lungs and your heart. If there is mid back pain then it is important to get it assessed so there is no compromise of vital structures.

At Bonnyrigg Chiropractic & Sports Injury Clinic we will assess your posture and mid back and determine what structures are not functioning properly. Once we identify the cause we will use gentle treatment modalities to help alleviate and correct your problem.

Common Mid Back Pain Symptoms That We Can Help With

Mid back pain can not only cause postural issues, as it is part of your rib cage structure if there is joint dysfunction, muscle tenderness or soft tissue irritation, then these structures can also affect your movement and at times your breathing

If you experience any of the following:

Pain while breathing
Pain in between your shoulder blades such as burning
Pain running up and down your spine
Pain radiating to the front of your chest

Then it is vital that we assess your mid back imbalance to ensure that we can identify any early signs of degeneration or postural changes that can lead to a series of symptoms that will affect you day to day.