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Chiropractic Services in Bonnyrigg

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We are renowned chiropractors in Fairfield, delivering high-quality and personalized care to our patients. We’ve got a welcoming clinical environment that enables us to provide a unique customer experience.

We aim to stay ahead of the most advanced medical research and technologies to offer you the best care.

We offer traditional modalities to evaluate and treat a range of body issues. Our expert team is trained, experienced, and focused on eliminating pain from the roots.

As a trusted chiro in Fairfield, we continually stay up-to-date with the latest developments and understandings in chiropractic care.

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Our Services

Lower Back Pain

Lower Back Pain

Headaches & Migraines

Headaches & Migraines

Neck Pain

Neck Pain

Mid Back Pain

Mid Back Pain



Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Pain

Top Benefits of Chiropractic Services

Find the Actual Root Cause of Your Pain

We give you complete clarity and satisfaction that your problem is being taken care of. We also guide your exercises to speed up your recovery and retain long-term results.

Enjoy Your Life to the Fullest

We help you enjoy your life to the fullest by eliminating the aches and pains. Our chiropractors in Fairfield ensure that you get a good night’s sleep without tossing to find comfortable positions.

Move Better, Feel Better, Live Better

Our ultimate goal is to help people just like you, move better, feel better and live better–free of painkillers and the curse of chronic pain that causes you sleepless nights and uncomfortable days.

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1. What is the difference between chiropractors and osteopaths?

Both Chiropractors and Osteopaths use a physical movement approach to treat pain and injuries. However, a chiropractor primarily focuses on the joints, spine, and muscle pain, whereas an Osteopath is also concerned with the rest of the body.

2. Should I go for adjustment to a chiropractor in Fairfield?

Yes. A chiropractic adjustment is safe when trained and licensed chiropractors perform it. However, some severe complications associated with chiropractic adjustments are overall rare.

3. Is chiropractic service worth the money?

Honestly, there are a remarkable number of advantages to seeing a chiropractor. And one of the standout factors is the improved quality of life. It offers happier day-to-day life, in a way that surgery or other costly medical treatments may not. You also get relief from an underlying condition.

4. Is visiting a chiropractor in Fairfield 3 times a week too much?

For many musculoskeletal conditions that create back or neck pain, 2 to 3 visits to the chiropractor per week are ideal. Within a few weeks, you may be able to start experiencing great relief in symptoms.